ARTS FEST - 2017

             To ignite the artistic talents of the students Arts Fest 2017 was  co-ordinated. This brought out the different skill sets in the children along with the objective of reducing the stage fears.

            This year we celebrated the arts fest on 13th, 14th, and 15th  November. Three stages for the three categories were arranged. The Principal Mrs. Jaicy Varghese presided over the inaugural function.    Mr. Rajeev Anjal, the famous film maker was the chief guest for the inaugural ceremony. The programmes were evaluated by five judges invited from different places who have proved their caliber in the respective area.

            The total students are divided into four houses: namely Daffodil, Zenia, Lavender and Tulip. The programmes were mainly classified as literacy and non-literacy items. Teachers were given charges for           co-ordinating the activities of the respective houses




 Children’s Day celebrations focus on children and their enjoyment. We, the Marthoma Central School celebrated this day on 14th November 2017 to pay tribute to the legendary freedom fighter, popularly known as ‘Cha-Cha’. The celebration began with a prayer conducted by the school choir. Our student  Nihara H of standard VII delivered a short speech on the importance of children’s day.

Many students were dressed-up like Chachaji and Indira Gandhi. KG colours day also celebrated along with children’s day. There was a colourful rally from our school to Marthoma College.  Students actively participated in that rally by holding placards and saying slogans like ’ Jai Jai Chachaji,  Chachaji ke bache pyare, matha pitha ke raj dulare etc. Various activities and events were performed on that day.



            World Environment Day is an annual campaign run by the United Nations Environment Programme on 5th June to raise global awareness about environment and nature to protect the planet Earth. It is to promote people to change their attitude towards the environment for making a safe future.

            The theme of World Environmental Day set by UN this year is a “CONNECTING PEOPLE TO NATURE”, is absolutely a very good idea for the modern generation.

            The Agriculture Officer, Shri Nazeem from Kottuckal addressed our School Assembly on 5th June, emphasizing the need of connecting pupil to the nature. Master, Aswin K Rajan of class VII also made a short and sweet speech to create an awareness of keeping the environment clean.

      In connection with WED our school introduced the following activities

  • Mr. Nazeem inaugurated the World Environmental Day  by planting a tree in the school courtyard, followed by planting a few more plants by teachers and students.
  • Senior students took initiative to make their own charts and distributed among the KG students, messages like “Go green” , “Save Nature”,  “Save water”, “Save our Earth”  etc.
  • The students are highly interested to make few charts, placard, post cards etc. based on the above theme.



            Father’s Day is a day to honour all the fathers for everything they do for their children. We the students and staff of Marthoma Central  School , Ayur celebrated father’s day on 19.06.2017 with great enthusiasm.

            In continuation with school assembly we celebrated father’s day. One father from each class was picked up by drawing lots. The program started with a melodious prayer song followed by a speech by our student master. The chosen fathers were welcomed with a flower and a card by respective kids and each kid expressed their love by giving a warm hug to their fathers. On behalf of all fathers gathered . Mr. Jose P  Vyakal  expressed their gratitude and appreciated the programme. Senior students prepared greeting card for all the fathers.



            Different activities were organized in the Marthoma Central School in connection with Gandhi Jayanthi celebrations. On October 3rd, in the school assembly, Kumari Anamika of class VII delivered a speech on the values of life and Mahatma Gandhi.

            During the fourth period, all the students from 3rd standard to 7th standard cleaned the school premises. They removed the weeds and unwanted plants near the school and in vegetable garden. Students of standard 1st and 2nd cleaned their own classes. A quiz competition has been organized in connection with Gandhi Jayanthi for student of standard      V to VII.




Grandparents are a family’s greatest treasure. We, the Marthoma Central School celebrated grandparents day on 26th October 2017.

            The function started with welcoming the garandparents by giving each of them a flower. Then the school choir sang a beautiful song. After this there was a speech by Merlin Sam of standard III, regarding the importance of grandparents in life. Then the Principal addressed the gathering. We conducted an amazing game for the grandparents. The high-light of the day was that each student bought a gift for their grandparents which was received among hugs and kisses.

            KG fruits day was celebrated along with grandparents day and they prepared and served fruit salad for the grandparents. A group photo of grandparents and their children were taken.



                         The inauguration of Health club of Marthoma Central School was held  on  8th August 2017.  Principal Mrs. Jaicy Varghese cherished the meeting. Mr. Baburaj, Health Inspector Chadayamangalam inaugurated the club. He took a class on the symptoms causes and precautions against dengue fever. Dr. James Thomas, Dentist also was present at the meeting and took a class on dental care.

                                   Distribution of Dental Care kit - Dental care kit were distributed among the students by the club and an awareness programme was held on the ways to protect teeth.




                The commemoration of Hiroshima and Nagasaki event was observed at Marthoma Central School on 11th August 2017 with its message of “Peace” to mark the tragedy of the fatal bombing in1945. A special peace assembly was organized by the students of class VII.

            A speech on Hiroshima and Nagasaki disaster by Ms. Anamika Gandhi was followed with a moment of silence. Our Principal Mrs. Jaisy Varghese addressed the students on the Hiroshima and Nagasaki day. The students held white flags representing peace and displayed various placards such as One world, one humanity, Unite the world etc.

            Overall, it was a special effort taken by the students to advocate peace and emphasized the need to set up peace initiatives at school level.



            The Independence day celebration reminds us every year that freedom is sacred. We, the Marthoma Central School celebrated 71st Independence day on 15th August 2017 with great enthusiasm and respect.

            The ceremony started at 8 am in the school open ground. Rev. P. M. Kurikesu, our School Chaplain, was the chief guest of the programme. He hoisted the flag sharp at 8 am.  Hoisting of the flag was followed by the salute and National Anthem. Then followed the march past. Our Principal Mrs. Jaisy Varghese addressed the gathering. Chief guest Rev. P. M. Kurikesu delivered the message on the importance of the celebration. This was followed by a variety of colourful programmes like glimpse of the past (freedom fighters), display, patriotic songs, dance and speech. The programme concluded with the vote of thanks by Nihara of class 7th. Various placards and charts were put up on the display boards.





            The mission of MTCS Maths club is to faster the study of Mathematics and create a supportive learning environment for Mathematics.

            The club was inaugurated on 08/08/2017 held in the school auditorium, opening to the pavement to various mathematical activities. The programme started with a prayer followed by lightning of kuthuvilaku. Our Principal Mrs. Jaicy Varghese honoured the chief guest Mr. Baburaj, Health Inspector, Chadayamangalam. Mr. Baburaj delivered a class on the symptoms, causes and precautions against Dengue fever. Health club and Science club were also inaugurated along with Maths club. Then Joint Secretary of the Maths club Miss Gayathri M announced the forthcoming programs, such as

  • Maths competition
  • Tip-Top games
  • Introducing mathematicians using masks.

           Maths club consists of 28 students lead by two teachers. Finally the programme ended with an enthralling vote of thanks.




            The nature club for the academic session  2017 – 2018 was formed with 20 students and 2 teachers in charge. Along with World Environment Day celebrations, the nature club was inaugurated on 5th June by the Agriculture Officer of Kottuckal Sri Nazeem. In his inaugural address Sri Nazeem stressed the importance of cultivation in our home as well as society. He congratulated the members for having taken the initiative.

          The students along with teachers,  planted different ornamental plants in the school campus. A vegetable  garden has also been formed. Saplings of chilly, tomato and brinjal were planted. The students will be taking care of plants that they have planted.


          Preparations for this year Onam celebrations this was on an altogether grander scale than ever. Matrthoma Central School preparations started a whole day ahead of the 31st of August. Teachers and students got together in large groups for making a variety of decorations and started laying out the large pookälam in verandh.

            By 9:00 am Onam celebrations started with prayer song by school choir. Rev. P. M Kurikesu, our School Chaplain inaugurated the program by lightning the lamp. Inaugural address was carried out by Shri Manikandan Pillai ( Panchayath President, Chadayamangalam). Our Principal Mrs. Jaicy Varghese addressed the gathering. She told the students the specialities of Onam and wished them happy Onam. At that time Maveli and Vamanan came there and blessed the students.

            A cultural program of Onam songs, dance, thiruvathira along with duff-muttu as it was the time of ‘Eid’ also was arranged. High-light of the day was the distribution of onam  kits to the needy. 25 Onam kits were distributed in the presence of Panjayath President. After this onam celebration game were began. A classic game of ‘ Sundarik Pottuthodeel ’  for the boys and girls took place. The programme concluded with the vote of thanks by Lekshmi of class 6th. At the end sweets( payasam ) were distributed to the students.

            All teachers were actively participated in this celebrations. Onasadya was served. The day ended with music and it was time to leave with great reluctance.



            Puthuvayil  Narayana Panicker is known as the “father of the library movement in Kerala”.  June 19 nth is observed as Reading Day to commemorate  P.N Panicker’s  contribution. We celebrated reading day on June 20th in our school campus.

            We celebrated reading week from 19th June to 23rd June. School conducted a special assembly. Anamika, class 7th gave a wonderful  speech about the importance of reading.  Mrs. Jaisy Varghese, Principal shared her valuable thoughts about reading from her life.

            We conducted a game ‘Bingo’ on books and their authors for 4th to 7th class students. Principal distributed the prizes to the winners. Also  we conducted various programme like memory tests in Malayalam, Dictation in Hindi, making postures and charts, placards etc. Students submitted the summary of books which they read. The week was fun and truly educative.




          The annual sports meet was conducted on 14th and 15th November. The programme started at 9:30 am in the morning on the school ground. The event was inaugurated by the respected Principal Mrs. Jaicy Varghese. The program was conducted in three categories. Heats was conducted in the previous week. The athletics events included 100m and 200m race,  ball passing, 200m walking and 4x100m relay, 300m walking, 400m running race, shot put and discus throw. All the students put their best effort in the items they have participated. The sports meet was a grand success.The programme ended at 3:30 pm     with National Anthem .




          On September 5th , the ceremony started at 9:30 AM in the school open ground with staff, teachers and students . Rev. P.M Kurikesu, our school Chaplain, was the chief guest of the programme. To deliver blessings and teachers day wishes Father’s of Marthoma Church, Ayur and Marhoma Church Vayakkal joined in the celebration. PTA executive members came there.

            Students honoured the teacher by giving flowers to each and every teacher and also selected a lucky teacher who received a surprise gift. Games and motivational programs were the high-lights of the day – enjoyed by all and triggered for a higher level teaching.